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Moore & Sons pours a record amount of concrete, enough to cover 10 NHL ice rinks in 2023

Did you know Moore & Sons poured approximately 165,000 square feet of concrete in 2023? That's enough concrete to cover the entire floor area of BC Place or equivalent to covering over 10 NHL-sized ice rinks! WOW! That’s A LOT of concrete poured in 2023! Book your free estimate now. We are booking up fast!

Ashlar pattern paving stone / paver driveway construction in Langley

Moore & Sons just completed this amazing 2500 sq ft paver driveway in Brookswood, south Langley. The pattern is called Ashlar and the driveway has a double charcoal border with shadow coloured infill.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Construction with Trench Drain

Our customer in Surrey explains his experience with Moore and Sons after we removed their 32 years old sunken and cracked exposed aggregate driveway and rebuilt it with new exposed aggregate driveway and trench drain.

Moore & Sons builds Zamboni bays at hockey arena in Langley

Moore & Sons was hired to replace both Zamboni bays at Langley Sportsplex that were pitted and rough from wear of the studded winter tires on the Zambonis since its opening in 1999. We removed original concrete flooring of east and west Zamboni bays and rebuilt new reinforced concrete slabs. At the east wing of the Sportsplex we also cut concrete flooring to install pre-sloped 4" trench drain and catch basin for ice melt water diversion. It was a small job but we couldn’t pass on the wonderful opportunity of building something that is very Canadian!

What is paving stone delamination and why does it happen?

Quite often we see paving stones that are badly delaminated like this driveway we recently replaced. Bricks delamination occur when the bricks surface chip, frail, crack and dislodge prematurely from normal wear and tear of every day driving and walking on them.

Usually these bricks are factory rejects and should never be used. Unfortunately, some contractors install them as a cost effective way to increase their margin. When you consider hiring a paving stone contractor, make sure you ask what type of pavers they would be installing. If it is factory seconds or rejects, avoid using them no matter how low cost it may sound.

Cheap bricks don't last and replacing them within 5 - 10 years will cost you more than the savings you wanted to see in the first place. At first, you may not be able to tell bricks' quality so it is important to learn about the stones and bricks your contractor will be using before your project begins.

Paving Stone Driveway Construction in Langley: Customer Testimonial

Moore & Sons Contracting has just completed re-constructing a 3,000 sq. ft. driveway with paving stones. Old delaminated bricks were removed and a brand new driveway was built in beautiful High Point neighbourhood of Langley, BC. And this is the testimonial message from our customer.
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