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Customer Review / Testimonial

Driveway and Concrete Breezeway

Date: January 24, 2024Written by: Ron GrenderFrom: Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

My wife and I are very pleased with the projects that Don Moore and Sons have completed for us. Our engagement with Don began following the installation of a driveway in our neighbourhood. When asked, my neighbour provided high praise for the work they did and so contact was made, discussions ensued and over the past two years an old fence that included brick pillars was removed, a concrete breezeway and entrance was replaced, and the final project was removal and replacement of an asphalt driveway.

Communication with Don from the outset was extremely good, and in every step of the projects we received clear and reasonable estimates and explanations of how the work would be completed. His crews worked hard, and demonstrated skill at the tasks they were performing. They were also personable, perhaps to some degree because it is a family business and although I never asked I believe his employees have been with the company for awhile. They seemed committed to doing a great job.

One portion of the concrete breezeway did develop a crack and although it wasn't large it was in a high profile section. After review Don was quick to agree to replace the section, and in a manner that likely prevents future cracking. Technically because the crack was not large there was no obligation to do this, but there was no hesitation on Don's part.

Although it is impossible to predict the longevity of any project I am confident in the quality of work provided, and my confidence stems in part from informative discussions with Don, observations of the work done by his crew, the communication re estimates and billing from the office and of course the finished product.

Recently we had a major snowfall (30cm) of snow and so of course the snow shovel got quite a bit of use. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a pleasure but shoveling our new driveway was so much easier than shoveling the old driveway with its dips and cracks. Also, the street view of our home is so much better without the old fence, and we no longer have to use scatter mats to address the hazards created by the sinking concrete.

In summary, our experience with Moore and Sons has been very positive! We recommend them without reservation and should we have further projects that fall within their scope we would be calling on them again.