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Concrete Patios & Decks
Over the years we have finished thousands of concrete sidewalks and patios in Langley, Surrey and Vancouver areas. We are fully equipped, experienced and possess know-hows to access small or difficult-to-reach backyards and project locations that have as narrow as 3-feet wide entry clearances.
We specialize in decorative concrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and broom finish concrete jobs. Out of all types of concrete work we do, broom finish is the most popular and this is because of its slip-resistant surface and significantly reduced liability. While decorative concrete finishes look nicer and add more curb appeal to your property, it can also be slippery in winter seasons. It requires more maintenance, such as sealing and cleaning every 2 years. Moore & Sons Contracting has a range of hydraulic and electric jackhammers to efficiently and safely remove your existing concrete / asphalt driveways or patios. All of our crew is experienced and we have some of the best finishes around.
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